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Grab The Guardians of the Galaxy: Groot Infinite Comic for Free This Weekend

Groot is the next Guardians of the Galaxy team member who's free Infinite Comic is available for free. The only thing is that book will only be free this weekend. If you picked up Gamora's book last weekend then you already know how this works. Who doesn't want free comics?


Free Groot Infinite Comic – This Weekend ONLY!

New York, NY—AUGUST 16th, 2013—This weekend from August 16th to August 18th only, take a journey through the stars with Groot in the FREE Guardians of the Galaxy: Groot Infinite Comic! Available through the Marvel Comics App, this FREE Infinite digital-first adventure starring the evergreen Guardian of the Galaxy is yours for the taking! Bullied by an alien race, one small farmer constantly looks to the stars for a savior. Though what happens when help doesn’t come from above, but below the blood-stained surface? Spurred to action through care and nurture, he is Groot! And Groot doesn’t like bullies. Brought to stunning life using innovative Infinite Comics story-telling, the free Guardians of the Galaxy: Groot Infinite Comic brings a new universe of excitement to comics never thought possible!



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