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Grand Kingdom Gets New Classes and Campaign Missions

Grand Kingdom was already shaping up to be a huge game. Today, NIS America has made some announcements to further expand the title. The Japanese version added five mercenary classes via DLC. These were the Valkyrie, Dark Knight, Archer, Noble and Paladin. The Japanese version also offered four campaigns via DLC which were nine chapters long each. All of this content will be included in the North American and European versions of Grand Kingdom at launch at no extra charge! Extra character classes and nearly forty additional chapters for free sounds like good news to me! On top of all this, pre-orders for Grand Kingdom have opened today and didgital pre-orders will receive a ten percent discount off of the price, an exclusive theme and four charm scrolls allowing for further character customization. Grand Kingdom is shaping up to be a new cult classic for PlayStation fans. Reserve your copy now and fight for glory June 21st!