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GRIP: Combat Racing is Here!

Wired Productions and Caged Element Inc. are revved up to announce the global launch of GRIP: Combat Racing! This is the blindingly-fast arcade combat racer and spiritual successor to Rollcage. PS4, Xbox One and PC gamers can access inasane speeds for only $39.99.
Honoring the commitment to bring further tracks to the game free of charge, and in celebration of today’s launch, the first bonus track has been released. Joining the 22 unique and gravity-defying tracks already announced, the new course called SAAT Coast will challenge aspiring racers to employ super-human reflexes as they traverse a perilous jungle.
Taking full advantage of the current generation of gaming hardware and benefiting from the potential that comes with building on Unreal Engine 4, GRIP: Combat Racing accelerates ahead of the racing crowd by offering players gravity-defying physics reaching speeds of over 767 mph – making it the fastest racing game on four wheels. Along with the breakneck speeds and intense action, players will generate countless unforgettable gaming moments – online or offline – with split- screen races and tournaments.