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Guest Post: The Best Mario Games of All Time



Mario, the little Italian plumber with the famous moustache and panache for adventure is undoubtedly one of the most celebrated gaming characters of all times. Ask any gamer worth his salt and you will hardly find anyone who hasn’t heard of or played a Mario games themselves. The reasons behind the popularity of Mario and the love it gets from the gaming community are numerous. All that told, what are the best games that the Mario franchise has given to the gamers? Here are the top 3 titles of the Mario franchise:

1. Super Mario Bros


Name one game of the Mario franchise that can be considered to be so crucial that it is believed that no other Mario game would had materialized had it not been developed and released! Yes, bang on, the answer is none other than the Super Mario Bros.

But why is this game regarded as such a raging success in the history of the franchise? It is believed that the Super Mario Bros. game revolutionized the gaming industry with its arcade mode of gaming that had side scrolling blended with a multi-platform setup. The Super Mario Bros. is also the game that has earned kudos from the gaming community due to its impressive mixture of graphics and sound with already amazing gameplay.

2. Super Mario Galaxy


Super Mario Galaxy is considered to be one of the trend setting Nintendo Wii games and many people believe that the popularity of Nintendo’s dwindling console shot up after the release of the game. The popularity of the Super Mario Galaxy was resting on two factors.

On one hand it was acclaimed for successfully striking the balance between the gameplay of the old Mario games and incorporating the galaxy angle in to it. On the other hand game enthusiasts praised the Super Mario Galaxy for having the right power ups, difficulty levels and other characters of the game in order to complete the extra-terrestrial experience of the game. The Super Mario Galaxy game enjoyed mind boggling graphics and gameplay along with the music that was used as the background sound of the game.

Want to play Mario games online for free? Try out Mario dash games. You’re sure to love it! Other famous games of the Mario franchise include the likes of Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Bros. 3. The number of games that feature Mario runs into a few hundreds and includes a lot of spin offs and side stories like the Mario and Luigi franchise, Mario and Sonic franchise, Mario Kart, and others.

B. Lyttle is a gaming enthusiast and has been a Mario games fanatic since her childhood. She recommends that you also try them at www.mario-games.co.