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Heavy Metal Machines Launches Console Carnage

Heavy Metal Machines, from Hoplon Infotainment, debuts on consoles! PlayStation and Xbox owners (current and previous-gen) can rev their engines now. Players will be able team up with friends on any platform through cross-platform multiplayer. Battle each other in post-apocalyptic arenas controlling a growing selection of vehicles and weapons.

Heavy Metal Machines - gameplay
About Heavy Metal Machines

This game has been available on Steam for some time now. To celebrate the console launch, all PlayStation users as well as Xbox Gold and GamePass Ultimate subscribers will be rewarded! During the first two weeks, exclusive packages that include the season's Battle Pass, characters, and other items will be distributed.

Heavy Metal Machines - teamwork
Key Features

Heavy Metal Machines is tactical and super fast-paced! Two teams of four players battle in challenging arenas for a bomb to deliver to the opponent's base. Create your best team composition from 17 characters with unique features and weapons. Stay tuned as many more characters, arenas and game modes are coming!

  • Vehicular combat with MOBA influences.
  • Free to Play
  • No PS+ Required to play online*
  • Cross-Platform (Windows, PS4, Xbox)
  • Each character (17) has its own original Heavy Metal theme song
  • Narrated by Larry Huffman, from Rock ’n Roll Racing.

Heavy Metal Machines is available for download on PlayStation, Xbox and PC via Steam. For more information, visit the official website.