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Hidden Dragon Legend Comes to PC

In September of 2017, Oasis Games released Hidden Dragon Legend for the PS4. A 2.5-D hack and slash set in Ancient China brought Crouching Tiger-style action to the console. R.A.G.E. Works reviewed the game and you can check that out here. As of today, Steam players can finally get their hands on this underrated platformer. Get your copy now to get the discounted price of $14.99.

The PC release has been updated to make Hidden Dragon Legend a more inviting experience for new and novice players with rebuilt tutorials and beginner-friendly quick time events. Armed with even more battle moves and the ability to upgrade their characters, gamers can traverse the lands of ancient China with improved graphics including 60 FPS max frame rate. Those craving a more challenging experience can unlock new achievements and defeated warriors can choose to activate the Resurrection Mode, but decisions will need to be made wisely as doing so will deplete their full stock of medicine.