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Highlights of EA Play Press Conference for E3 2018

R.A.G.E. Works provided live play by play of Electronic Arts' EA Play event for E3 2018 via Discord. If you missed it, you missed it, but we have you covered with all that went down. I was honestly surprised as I only expected to see sports games and Anthem. Instead, we saw no new Need for Speed game, Anthem was a bit lackluster in presentation and we got two big surprises. Here are a some of the highlights of EA Play 2018.

Origin Access Premier

What should come as a surprise to no one is that EA will be expanding Origin Access with their new premier service. Origin Access Premier will give players access to new EA games like those seen at the conference before anyone else. it will also give them access to 100+  games from both EA and other publishers. This is coming to PC later this year. No pricing has been revealed as yet. Regular Origin Access still has a free seven day trial. You can also sign up to be notified about when you can get premier here.


The sports titles obviously had a large showing in EA's conference. If you are interested in NBA Live 19, Madden NFL 19 or FIFA 19, EA is goinghard to make this the best year yet. As always, the main focus was on competition. Young Kiv, the Madden NFL 18 champ helped talk about future competition and what he went through to get to the top. UEFA Champions League comes to FIFA 19 for the first time.

FIFA 19 shows why the franchise continues to dominate the digital realm of fútbol. The EA Play conference shifted over to several demonstrations of FIFA 19. The first featured Trap sensation Lil Yachty getting mopped by Team Mexico. Check the live broadcast for more scrimmages.

NBA Live 19 of course will be the most showy of the EA sports lineup. Boasting new moves, more creation options, licensing, etc. The day after the 2018 NBA Finals end, a new era begins. Get ready for NBA Live 19, coming this fall.

Battlefield V

EA continues the war for FPS supremacy. Battlefield V hopes to take the title from Call of Duty this year. While not an FPS fan, I have to say that the Battlefield franchise continues to amaze in terms of its fidelity, realism and gameplay. CoD developers (whoever that is this year) have their work cut out for them.


Anthem actually disappointed me. The trailer made a point to say that the footage was from the game engine, but none of it was actual gameplay. I did miss the gameplay demonstration when I stepped away for a moment, but that was because the developers kept showing the same short loop while talking about the story creation. Anthem was pushed back to February 22, 2019 and it is clear why: the game is nowhere near ready. Let's hope Bioware produces a real winner for us this winter.

The Surprises

I watched the conference via the EA YouTube page. Despite the fact that it was going a mile a minute, I could tell there were a lot of disappointed viewers as the chat flew by. This changed during two presentations however. The “Zzzzzzz,” thumbs down and “SO LAME” comments turned to those of wonder and excited happiness. EA showed footage to the sequel of a beloved IP that amazingly launches today.\

Unravel two

The crowd was legitimately happy to see this title as was I. The ability to play “solo co-op” or to actually team with a friend amazed as much as the gameplay shown. Unravel two looks beautiful, fun and like something we will enjoy repeatedly as gamers. Unravel two is now available for PS4, Xbox One and PC via Origin for $19.99

Sea of Solitude

Anthem may have closed out the conference, but this is the title that I feel stole the show. Sea of Solitude is currently in development from Jo-Mei Games. This will be a title to watch. While it is an indie game and may not be very long, this will be one of the heavily talked about titles of 2019. Calling it now, this is next year's Child of Light. 

There you have the highlights of EA's 2018 EA Play Conference. This is R.A.G.E. Works' first day of E3 coverage, even thoguh E3 does not officially begin until Monday, we will continuously bring you news throughout the following week and beyond! Stay tuned to R.A.G.E. Works for all the best news!