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Honor Reclamation Day With New Fallout 76 Pop! Figures

Funko Fallout 76 1

Funko had a solid wave of Fallout Pop! figures and it was only a matter of time before invaded Funko. Fans of the latest Fallout game have a new line of Pop! figures to look forward to including three retailer exclusives. Check out the full line below and find look for them on store shelves next month.

Funko Fallout 76 1
Funko Fallout 76 2
Funko Fallout 76 3
Funko Fallout 76 4
Funko Fallout 76 5
Funko Fallout 76 9

Retailer Exclusives

Funko Fallout 76 8
Walmart Exclusive
Funko Fallout 76 7
Gamestop Exclusive
Funko Fallout 76 6
Best Buy Exclusive
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