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Infinity Blade: The Review

One of the most talked about games on the iPad is Infinity Blade, which is powered by the Unreal engine. This is the game you play and forget that you are on a handheld. It’s the game that makes you snicker when you play the Wii.

Like most iPad games, Infinity Blade is not a very long game but it is very original. The plot is that you are a knight on a quest through a castle to defeat the God King. Sword in hand, you battle other knights by swiping across the screen and tapping on the left or right side to dodge blows from other knights. Every battle is one on one and requires some thinking to win. This is definitely not a button-masher!

When you finally reach the God King and he inevitably defeats you, the game restarts 20 years later and you are the offspring of your character and must go through the game again. You possess all of your characters weapons, armor and gold.

The game has a strong store component where you can use the gold you find in the game to upgrade weapons, armor, shields, helmets and magic rings. The UI is excellent and the designers make it very easy to use.

The game costs $5.99, which is a bit high for an iPad game but it is worth it. You can spend hours enjoying this game. So if you have an iPad, give it a try.