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Invisible Inc. Makes a Stealthy Move to PS4

Invisible Inc. Console Edition - logo

Invisible Inc. wowed PC gamers and reviewers alike last year. The turn-based, tactical stealth game has a beautiful design and is just fun to play. Now it is making its move to the PS4 this April and you can pre-order your copy right now! Fully reworked for the Dualshock 4, Invisible Inc. Console Edition includes new weapons, new starting programs, new augments and includes the Contingency Plan DLC at no extra charge. Invisible Inc. will retail on PSN for $19.99 but you save 10% if you pre-order. If you have never experienced this game before, you will not want to miss it when it hits the PS4!

Invisible Inc. Console Edition comes to PS4 on April 19.



Here's a quick peek at the extra DLC that you will get for free!

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