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Just Cause 3 Launches the ‘Bavarium Sea Heist’ Tomorrow

Just Cause 3 has given gamers the freedom to creatively, recklessly and ridiculously blow up everything in sight. Having explored and damn near destroyed every inch of Medici, Rico took to the sky. There he destroyed an entire flying fleet before touching down on a forgotten island. On the ground he assaulted an enemy populace in a mount that would make MechAssault proud. Now Rico is going to perform his own ‘final deletion' on the eDEN corporation.

Your destination is known as The Stingray. It is an offshore research facility with enough weaponry to start World War 18. Rico has to infiltrate the ba-

Let's be realistic here. The word “stealth” is not in Rico's vocabulary. We do not have details on the story as yet but he's gonna go in there and blow shit up.

The Bavarium Sea Heist is free to expansion pass holders and will be exclusively available to them tomorrow, August 11, 2016 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. For everyone else, the DLC will be available next Thursday, August 18 for $11.99. Stay tuned to R.A.G.E. Works for a live stream of the new content and a review of all of Just Cause 3 as one package.

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