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Kickstarter Spotlight: New Era G

During one of our trips to Comic Con we visted the Anime Expo and met Steiner Palomino who was showcasing his artwork at his booth.  Steiner's art style got my attention because it was very vibrant and because an Akuma piece he had was too awesome to pass up.

Steiner recently reached out to us to share his new graphic novel that he is hoping to publish via Kickstarter. I'll turn it over to Steiner to tell you about New Era G volume 3. If want to help the Kickstarter link is in the post.

New Era G is a graphic novel or manga created by Steiner Palomino. Once you start reading you won't stop!

New Era G is a brilliantly hilarious graphic novel created by Steiner Palomino. Once you start reading, you won't be able to put it down! New Era G tells the story of Ryo O'Connor. More specifically, it tells the story of how his day got ruined when he ran into an evil robot called Erasa who wants a powerful artifact that fell from space ten years ago. Erasa is convinced Ryo has this artifact and will do whatever it takes to retrieve it!


The funds that are pledged will go to the promotion and printing costs of New Era G vol.3 ONLY. If funds exceed expectations, this will enable us to launch more volumes and hire amazing creative teams! Your pledges get us one step closer. I will also make stretch goals available once we reach our goal.


Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

There is a real possibility that the project's completion could take longer than expected due to things such as writer's block or work conflicts. Right now, I have an inker and an editor, but I'm still looking for an effects artist that would be responsible for gradients, tones and visual effects.