King of Fighters XIV is owning July! After the Nightmare Geese and Team South Town last week, you would think that SNK Playmore would take a break. No way, Jose! Today, the demo for King of Fighters XIV hit PSN and now a new team is being announced. Tung Fu Rue has some new students and collectively they are Team China!

King of Fighters XIV - Shun'ei

First up is Shun'ei, possibly Tung's greatest prodigy. Having been raised by the Hakkyokuseiken master like his own son, Shun'ei looks to honor his master and prove his fighting prowess. Don't let the headphones fool you; he will rock you before he rocks out!

King of Fighters XIV - Meitenkun

We move from pure action to a bit of inaction. Meitenkun would rather be sleeping than fighting. He would rather sleep than pretty much anything. Shun'ei's best friend and sparring partner literally should not be slept on. His “sleep boxing” catches many off guard, resulting in them joining him for a siesta.

King of Fighters XIV - Tung Fu Rue

You cannot speak of students without acknowledging their master. Tung Fu Rue has taught multiple combatants in the King of Fighters tournament. He is a veteran of the tournament himself and those unfamiliar with him might think of Master Roshi from Dragon Ball. Both of them utilize their chi to vastly increase their strength and ability. The respect this man commands increases with age, watch out for “the master!”

King of Fighters XIV - Tung finisher

The demo for the game is live on PSN now! King of Fighters XIV comes exclusively to PlayStation 4 on August 23, 2016.

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