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King of Fighters XIV Presents: TEAM IKARI WARRIORS

King of Fighters XIV is almost done showing off its teams! How do I know this, you ask? Because the game is 19 days away from release! Today we have the discipline and sheer brutality of Team Ikari Warriors. Props to anyone who knows where that name comes from. There mercenary squad under the command of Commander Heidern will stop at nothing to gather the necessary intel to bring down Antonov.

Field commander of this squad is Colonel Ralf Jones. The “One Man Army” is respected by his team despite his hotheadedness. I guess you would have to have some respect for a guy that can rip a tank in half with his bare hands!

Leona is the adopted daughter of Commander Heidern and she has adopted his assassination style to make it her own. Despite the Orochi blood running through her veins, she is a team player and will fight to protect her teammates.

Rounding off this team is Lieutenant Clark Still. He specializes in twisting the bodies of his opponents before brutally slamming them to the ground. When these three get together a lot of stuff blows up and a lot of bodies are left in their wake. Will they be your team of choice to take the King of Fighters tournament?

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