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King of Fighters XIV Presents: TEAM SOUTH AMERICA

King of Fighters XIV spotlights another team of newcomers this week! We get a little subtropical today as Team South America takes the stage. Each individual of the trio has their own agenda. They have come together for one common goal, victory!

First up is the boxing prodigy, Nelson. His career was almost over before it began as he lost an arm in an accident. He has been gifted with a bionic augmentation and intends to make the most of it. Nelson wants to win the tournament to help his family. His footwork is so furious that even the most brutal, Banned boxers need beware of his version of cross counter!

Next we have Bandeiras Hattori, which I am guessing is not his birth name. This guy grew up in Brazil watching a little too much Naruto. However, his ninjitsu is quite real and extremely dangerous. His goal is to open a dojo and teach students his “Brazillian ninjitsu.” I am definitely looking forward to using this guy.

Rounding off this team is the combination of the extremely beautiful Zarina and her Toucan, Coco. I don't wanna call her a Laura ripoff (she may very well have come first). . . but, yeah. Zarina's Capoeira throws her opponents off balance as they never know what she will strike with next. Where Nelson is a pure puncher, Zarina is a core kicker. . . except when she butt slams you. She is in the tournament to raise funds to save the rain forests.

New fighters, returning faves or a mix of both! Choose one of the preset teams or create your own when King of Fighters XIV hits the PlayStation 4 on August 23, 2016!