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King of Fighters XIV Presents: VERSE

The wait is over and King of Fighters XIV is available to all PlayStation 4 owners! If you have not beaten it already, this article may be a bit of a spoiler for you. Forget everything you know about cheese: SFA3 Bison, Seth, Iori, Nightmare Geese, forget all of that! What happens when an evil entity collects thousands of souls and uses them to make a body that is literally “BURNING TO FIGHT?”

Verse is what happens. Antonov may have proclaimed himself the “King of Fighters,” but Verse stands above all as the game's final boss. Claw your way to the top of the pile and this guy stands ready to knock you back down to the bottom. Unfortunately, he'll be taking your soul before you hit bottom. Put a stop to this monster and take your rightful place above all fighters!

King of Fighters XIV is available exclusively on PlayStation 4 now!

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