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King of Fighters XIV Races to the Finish With Its Final Two Teams!

King of Fighters XIV is upon us! With a mere five days remaining until launch, ATLUS had to showcase two teams today in order to present all sixteen in time for launch! Without further ado, I bring you the members of Team K'!

Despite Maxima being the leader, the team is named after K'. He comes off looking super cool, but he was enhanced with the DNA of Kyo Kusanagi, meaning he literally heats things up. His arsenal of strikes are deadly enough without the addition of fire.

Polar opposite to K' is Kula Diamond. She is extremely hot, but her abilities (and personality) are cold as ice! She was originally given these abilities to kill K' and her style is meant to counter his. Now they fight together towards a greater goal.

Leading Team K' is Maxima. The trio are all former members of the clandestine group NESTS and they have teamed together with the goal of taking it down once and for all. Maxima intends to go through anyone trying to impede this goal. With his enhanced cybernetic strength and the heavy weaponry built into his body, I feel sorry for those that try to stop this team!

You know we had to save the best for last. King of Fighters fans worldwide have been waiting for this team because amongst its ranks is the one, the only Mai Shiranui! She teams up with King and Alice this time. Their goal is simply to win and these ladies definitely have the skill to do it!

You pretty much cannot have an installment of KoF without Mai. A staple in the series for over twenty years, this kunoichi is as lethal as she is beautiful. She plays dumb to lower her foes' defenses and then lights them up (literally) with her blazing techniques.

King's days of having to hide her gender are long gone. She is a proud, Muay Thai fighter who has consistently represented the women's team. Her outfit is that of a bartender and you are more than welcome in one of her establishments. That is, unless you become unruly. Then she will show what her former profession was: that of a bouncer.

Making her fighting debut is Alice Nakata. She is a huge fan of Terry Bogard, and treasures the hat he gave her as much as a certain “straw-hat” pirate treasures his. Her style is an amalgam of those used by the Bogard brothers and Joe but she is anything but a cheap copy. Once she gets started she literally kicks so much ass that change flies out of her opponents' pockets!

There you have all sixteen official teams for the King of Fighters XIV. If you missed any of our showcase articles here at R.A.G.E. Works, or if you just want ot see them all again, here is a playlist of the teams:

King of Fighters XIV will be available digitally and in retail stores on Tuesday, August 23, 2016! It is a PlayStation 4 exclusive.


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