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Kingdom Hearts III Is “Toying” With Fans

Kingdom Hearts III feels like the next Duke Nukem Forever as fans continue to wait (im)patiently for it to release. In the meantime, Square Enix makes sure that the wait is even more unbearable by making the game look better and better. Yesterday evening, a new trailer was released showing yet another new world for the tireless trio to explore and save.

Kingdon Hearts III - Sora meets Woody


Fresh from the D23 Expo in California, we have a brand new trailer showing more combat on Mt. Olympus. That gameplay only lasts about a minute and then moves to a setting very unfamiliar to Sora. Our heroes wake up feeling smaller; they look at themselves and suddenly have points of articulation. . . THEY'RE TOYS!

Kingdom Hearts III - Sora special attack

Everyone will instantly recognize Andy's room from Toy Story. The newly revealed level has the full Pixar treatment. Sora & Crew have new weapons, new attacks and some special surprises. The trailer has this looking like one of the most fun KH levels in the entire series!

Now if we could only play the game . . .