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King’s Quest Chapter 3 Available Today!

King's Quest - PS4 packshot

The Odd Gentlemen and Sierra bring the next chapter in their five part remake of King's Quest! Chapter 3, titled “Once upon a Climb” has King Graham recount to his granddaughter the tale of how he met his future wife, Queen Valanice. He also tells of how he rescued his lady love from the wicked witch Hagatha. This will not be your standard fairy tale romance; as we have come to see, nothing comes easily for the young Graham. He just makes it through somehow. Remember that the individual chapters are $9.99 each, but season pass and complete collection owners can get the new chapter at no additional cost. Considering the game has five chapters (and a bonus epilogue), the Complete collection is the best bet for anyone looking to purchase this title. No news on when the final two chapters and the epilogue will be available as yet. Let us hope they come sooner rather than later because this is a fun game . . . that we started last year. Download King's Quest Chapter 3: Once Upon A Climb. on your platform of choice today!

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