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Lost Sphear Is Out Now!

A new adventure await fans of classic JRPGs as Lost Sphear, from Square Enix’s Tokyo RPG Factory, is now available on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4*  and STEAM.

Lost Sphear is about a brave swordsman named Kanata, who awakens to find the world disappearing. Players can join him and his friends on a quest to save the world using the power of Memory as they battle against an ominous power threatening the fabric of reality.

Players can also look forward to the following features:

  • Reimagined Turn-Based Battles – Fight with the freedom of strategic movement in enhanced turn-based battles
  • Mighty Vulcosuits – Utilize mechanized Vulcosuit armor in the fields and in battle to amplify your abilities and execute unique skills
  • Beautiful Soundtrack – I AM SETSUNA™ composer Tomoki Miyoshi scores an atmospheric and moving soundtrack to accompany Kanata’s epic adventure.

Lost Sphear will be available digitally from the PlayStation®Store, Nintendo eShop and STEAM. A physical package is now available for pre-order exclusively from the SQUARE ENIX Online Store for the PlayStation®4 system and Nintendo Switch.

Players can also download the Day One patch for the game on all platforms from today, which adds a number of free upgrades including new equipment and artefacts, a new dungeon, the new Moonlight Battleground mode and much more.

Lost Sphear is available today for $49.99

*Please be advised that the PlayStation Network is currently down (3:24 PM, EST, 01/23/2018). Sony is working to fix the problem as soon as possible. You may or may not be able to download the game right now.