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Mafia III Is At Gamescom and ‘The Heist’ Is Going Down!

Mafia III is a lesson in how dangerous money can make some men. Money can be like a cancer once you let it get in you. It can spread into and rot your mind, your heart and your very soul. An example of this took place in New Bordeaux in the late sixties. The job went off easily enough. Lincoln Clay headed a heist that took millions from the Federal Reserve. He was working for the mob. After the job, he was given his cut and everyone went their separate ways. Later that night the mob paid a visit to Lincoln and his family. With smiles on their faces they congratulated him. . . and then murdered his whole family.

Problem is they failed to kill him. As a Vietnam veteran, he is no stranger to pointless conflict. Now that they have taken everything from him, he has a reason to fight – and he's got nothing left to lose.

Check out the new Mafia III trailer from Gamescom. “The Heist” will show you exactly why Lincoln has it in for the New Bordeaux mafia.