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Marvel Announces Old Man Hawkeye Series For 2018

Old Man Logan is considered by many to be one of the best Wolverine stories and within that arc, we saw quite a few heroes and villains ravaged by time with some meeting their end and others in positions of great power. Hawkeye was one of those heroes who survived and he played an integral role in the Old Man Logan series.In 2018 we will see Hawkeye's adventures five years before he met Old Man Logan. The twelve issue run will see a lot of the darker Marvel Universe established in Old Man Logan and follow Hawkeye as he tries to avenge his fallen teammates.

The series will be penned by New York Daily News writer Ethan Sacks with art by Marco Checchetto (Star Wars: Captain Phasma).

For more information, visit New York Daily News. Sacks will speak further about OLD MAN HAWKEYE on Marvel’s MARVEL LEGACY: X-MEN panel on Friday, October 5 at 6:30 pm during this week’s New York Comic Con.