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Marvel Comics First Look: Daredevil #17

Cover: Ron Garney | Corner Box Variant: Joe Jusko
Artist: Ron Garnet | Writer: Charles Soule
Release Date: April 2017

It feels like only yesterday that Matt Murdock revealed himself to the world as Daredevil. The reveal sent shockwaves through the Marvel Universe and put a target on the back of The Man Without Fear. Daredevil #17 changes the status quo for Daredevil once more as Matt Murdock regains the anonymity he sacrificed. What did Matt Murdock have to give up and what will the ramifications be once the dust settles? All will be revealed on February 15, 2017.

My Take: We all remember what happened with Spider-Man revealed his identity to the masses in Civil War and what he had to sacrifice to restore that secret and something tells me that in Matt Murdock's case his situation will somehow be far worse than what Spider-Man endured. I am happy to see a Joe Jusko variant as his work is incredibly underappreciated even though it was such a huge part of the Marvel card back in the day. Check out the panels and covers for the book below.


Show Press Release

The Mystery of His Secret Identity Revealed! Your First Look at DAREDEVIL #17!

New Story Arc Begins Here!

New York, NY—January 23rd, 2016 —Just how did Daredevil regain his secret identity?! At last, the story fans have been asking about will be revealed! It all kicks off this February in DAREDEVIL #17, the first chapter in a brand-new story arc! Blockbuster creators Charles Soule and Ron Garney gear up to tell the story that’s been on everyone’s minds since their very first page! It’s no secret that Matt Murdock is the man under the Daredevil mask. He admitted it to the world a long time ago. But what if you could put the genie back in the bottle? What if you could protect the loved ones you put in harm’s way? Only, if he wants to regain his anonymity…it’s going to cost him. What price did Matt Murdock pay to make his identity secret once more? Who got left behind in the process? The story of Matt’s secret identity and his return to New York begins on February 15th in the can’t-miss DAREDEVIL #17!