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Marvel Comics First Look: Nick Fury #1

Nick Fury 1 Cover

Cover: Aco
Artist: Aco | Writer: James Robinson
Release Date: April 2017

Nick Fury steps out on his own in a new ongoing series launching in April.  Marvel's premiere super spy tackles a variety of missions across the Marvel universe and squares off against Hydra's Frankie Noble.

My Take: Espionage comics are a mixed bag but I think putting Nick Fury front and center adds a bit more weight to the series and ensures some initial eyes will give it a read plus the addition of Eisner Award winner James Robinson helps after his work on both the Scarlet Witch and Cable series.   Check out some panels below.

Show Press Release

NICK FURY Goes Solo For New Series This April!

New York, NY—January 6th, 2017 — The world is a more dangerous place than ever. It needs dangerous men to keep it safe. That’s where he comes in. When you need a lone agent to infiltrate, capture, uncover or destroy – there’s no one better than Fury! Today, Marvel is pleased to announce NICK FURY #1 – the all-new series launching this April! Eisner Award-winning writer James Robinson (Scarlet Witch, Cable) joins visionary artist ACO (Squadron Supreme) for a high-octane spy-thriller full of action and dripping with style!

An all new era for Marvel’s premier super spy begins here as Robinson and ACO bring you single-issue spy-fy adventures! Whether it’s aboard a speeding train, in the underwater city of Atlantis or even the surface of the moon – Fury gets the job done! His first mission? A trip to the beautiful French Riviera! Only this is no vacation. Amid the bright casino lights and beautiful picturesque vistas, there’s something foul at play.  Let the complex dance of espionage and spy craft begin! Only, Nick Fury may have finally met his match in the form of the mysterious Frankie Noble, Agent of Hydra!

Every issue: New mission. High-tech weapons. Higher stakes espionage. Non-stop action.  He’ll dare any danger. He’ll fight any foe. He is…Nick Fury! And he’s exploding into comic shops everywhere in the can’t-miss NICK FURY #1 – on-sale this April!


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