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Marvel Comics First Look: Star Wars: Rogue One Adaptation #1

Star Wars Rogue One 1 Christopher Action Figure Variant

Cover: Phil Noto |  Variant Covers: Terry Dodson, John Tyler Christopher (Action Figure Variant), Mike Mayhew (Star Wars 40th Anniversary Variant), Joe Quinones (Droids Variant). Movie and blank variants also available.
Artists: Emilio Laiso & Oscar Bazaldua | Writer: Jody Houser
Release Date: April 5, 2017

Marvel announces a six-issue comic book adaptation of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story with new content not seen in the film.

My Take: While I am all for comic book adaptations I feel that Marvel waited a bit too long to announce this adaptation. Star Wars books are always solid but the timing will impact the sales of this book in my opinion.

Check out some of the different covers as well as a sneak peek of the first issue of this six-issue adaptation.

Show Press Release

ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY Comes To Marvel This April – Your First Look!
Featuring Story Content Not Seen In the Film!

New York, NY— March 7th, 2017 — The Rebellion comes to Marvel Comics this spring as one of the biggest films of 2016 becomes one of the biggest comics of 2017! Today, Marvel is pleased to present your first look inside the STAR WARS: ROGUE ONE ADAPTATION #1 – the new series available wherever comics are sold on April 5th! Written by Jody Houser (Max Ride) with art by Emilio Laiso (Star Wars Annual) and Oscar Bazaldua (Gwenpool Holiday Special), join the harrowing group of Rebels as they embark on a life or death mission to save the galaxy!

All appears lost in the fight against the tyrannical Galactic Empire. The Rebellion has discovered the existence of the Empire’s ultimate super-weapon. The Death Star. With the power to wipe planets from existence, the Death Star’s existence spells doom for those seeking freedom. All hope now lies in the hands of new heroes Jyn Erso and Cassian Andor. Their last ditch gambit to steal the Death Star plans are all that stands in the Empire’s way!

Plus – this 6-issue adaptation of the blockbuster film is set to feature story material not seen on the big screen!

The film that took the world by storm jumps from the silver screen to the comic page! Straight from a galaxy far, far away to your local comic shop, don’t miss STAR WARS: ROGUE ONE ADAPTATION #1 – on sale April 5th!


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