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Marvel Comics First Look: Scarlet Spider #1

Cover: Mark Bagley
Artist: Mark Bagley | Writer: Peter David
Release Date: April 2017

If you were reading Spider-Man during the Clone Saga then you'll know Ben Reilly was a big part of that story and met his demise at the end of that arc.  Fans were recently shocked when it was revealed that not only was The Jackal back to plague Spider-Man but that it was not Miles Warren but in fact a very much alive Ben Reilly. This revelation raised a ton of questions most importantly why and how was person named above back.

My Take: Ben Reilly's return doesn't only mean the return of the fan favorite hooded Spider-Man garb but also where will Kaine fit in as he is the current Scarlet Spider. The press release shares some details on that but they would be spoiler-ish if posted here so read the press release below at your own risk. I am excited to see Mark Bagley's name attached to this series as I have always enjoyed the way he draws Spider-Man and his associated allies and enemies.  Scarlet Spider is definite a book we'll have on our radar.

Show Press Release


The Fan-Favorite Character Goes Solo in April

New York, NY—January 9th, 2017 — This April, one of the most controversial characters in Marvel history returns to don the mask (and hoodie!) once more. Today, Marvel is pleased to announce BEN REILLY: THE SCARLET SPIDER #1 – the new series from New York Times Bestselling creators Peter David (Amazing Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2099) and Mark Bagley(Ultimate Spider-Man, All-New X-Men)! That’s right, Ben Reilly is web-slinging his way back into comic shops everywhere later this year and he’s bringing two of the most accomplished & beloved Spider-Man creators of all-time with him! The only question is – will it be a hero…or a villain?

It was the twist that shocked the world. Ben Reilly had returned, but not as he once was. Twisted and manipulated by the villainous Jackal, the fallen clone is out to break the cycle, and reclaim his destiny. Not as Peter Parker’s clone – but as his own man. Will suiting up once more as the Scarlet Spider be enough to outrun his personal demons? All while being able to stay one step ahead of the man hunting him – Kaine Parker – the former Scarlet Spider?!

“This book is not your usual Spider-Fare,” says Executive Editor, VP of Content & Digital Publishing Nick Lowe. “Peter David and Mark Bagley are taking this character into uncharted territory that’s both rip-roaring and troubling.”

His old life is over. It’s time for a new beginning. But can you ever truly outrun your past? Find out as the iconic fan-favorite character returns to the fore once again in BEN REILLY: THE SCARLET SPIDER #1 – coming this April!