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Marvel Comics First Look: Spider-Verse #1

The main Spider-Verse story may have come to a close, but the Secret Wars saga will still affect the many Spider-Men & Spider-Women involved. One has to wonder which of these heroes will make it out of Battleworld in one piece. You have to wait till May 20th to find out.


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Web Warriors Swing Into the WARZONES! Your New Look at SPIDER-VERSE #1!


New York, NY—April 22, 2015 — The biggest Spider-Man event of all time was just the beginning! This May, writer Mike Costa (Scarlet Spiders) and artist Andre Lima Araujo (Inhuman) wallcrawl and webswing through Secret Wars in the pages of SPIDER-VERSE #1! And they’re bringing along a team of some of the most popular Spider-Men and Spider-Women! The battle with Morlun and the Inheriors may be over, but the battle is just heating up! Stranded on Battleworld, a small band of universe-hopping heroes – Spider-Gwen, Spider-Man Noir, Spider-Man: India, Spider-Girl, Spider-UK andSpider-Hamwill find themselves face to face with the worst Secret Wars has to offer. How did they get here? What happened to their homes? What tragedy has befallen this region of Battleworld and how will this team of spiders cope? Amidst the horror and the fury of this strange new planet, six spider powered heroes stand alone. United as one, is this a new beginning, or a grisly end? Find out this May in the can’t miss pages of SPIDER-VERSE #1!

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