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Marvel Comics First Look: Superior Spider-Man #22


When Spider-Man and Venom get together it is guaranteed fireworks. This latest encounter will differ from most since it is the first encounter between  Doc Ock/ Spider-Man and Flash Thompson/AVenom and given Superior Spider-Man‘s bending of the rules it is going to end in a violent fashion. While I still am not 100% on board with Flash as Venom and Doc Ock as Spidey I will admit that the directions that are taking both characters is intriguing to say the least. Will the Symbiote figure out Spider-Man's secret is what I am curious to find out. It's a long wait till November.


The Superior Spider-Man Faces His DARKEST HOUR With The Return of – VENOM!

Meet a superior symbiote as Octavius faces Flash Thompson in Superior Spider-Man!


This November, the amazing creative team of Dan Slott and Humberto Ramos sink their teeth into the villain who could ruin everything you know about the Superior Spider-Man—Venom—in Superior Spider-Man #22!


“Be warned—we have some nasty stuff planned,” said series writer Dan Slott. “Venom always brings out Spider-Man’s dark side, and we’re taking that 10 steps further in this latest arc. You should probably read this in a sunny, well-populated area.”


Nobody had pushed Peter Parker harder than Venom—will Otto Octavius face the same brink? As the symbiote’s tentacles wrap around Otto’s new life, everything he’s worked, sacrificed, and even killed for face their greatest jeopardy yet. One of the biggest books of Marvel NOW! is about to get even crazier in year two as The Superior Spider-Man’s journey takes a new dark twist.


“There is no better brawl to get the blood pumping like a showdown between Spider-Man and Venom,” said Marvel Senior Editor Steve Wacker. “Now that Otto’s in the driver’s, we can see these two clash with a viciousness we’ve never seen before. Believe me when I say we’ve been saving up for this one!”


With his life turned upside-down by his most ruthless enemy, can the Superior Spider-Man live up to his name? Find out as Venom reigns this November in Superior Spider-Man #22!