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Marvel Unveils Four One-Shots That Will Usher in the FALL OF X!

The X-Men universe is about to undergo another massive transformation. The upcoming overarching storyline, Fall of X, will affect every X-Men title and change the Marvel universe as we know it. The current X-Men era, which began with Jonathan Hickman's House of X and Powers of X, has been revolutionary and substantially altered the X-Men mythos. Still, it raises a very important question, and it's, “Can Krakoa last forever?” The Fall of X will finally provide an answer to that question.

Four key one-shots will set the tone for what's to come before the Fall of X. Beginning in May, these BEFORE THE FALL titles will not only tie up loose ends but will reintroduce major characters and set the stage for the dramatic events of the third annual HELLFIRE GALA. This year's Hellfire Gala will also reveal the results of the X-Men Vote, which fans can cast beginning tomorrow.

X-MEN: BEFORE THE FALL – SONS OF X #1 will feature a clash between two X-Universe titans: Legion and Nimrod. Orchis has captured Nightcrawler, and David Haller and his allies will have to face the mastermind who destroyed Warlock and nearly took Krakoa with him. But Nightcrawler is not himself, and Legion's allies are not what they appear to be.

Before The Fall: Fall of X One-Shot cover Sons of X

Apocalypse makes a triumphant return in X-MEN: BEFORE THE FALL – HERALDS OF APOCALYPSE #1. Apocalypse and his family have been missing since the end of X of Swords and have been fighting for survival in the harsh land of Amenth. How have they ruled this twisted world, or are they the ones being ruled? Plus, how has Apocalypse reacted to the Quiet Council's decisions while he has been absent?

Before The Fall: Fall of X One-Shot cover The Heralds of Apocalypse

Jean Grey, Cyclops, and Bishop will investigate a deadly mutant attack on an innocent small town in X-MEN: BEFORE THE FALL – MUTANT FIRST STRIKE #1. As they dig deeper, they discover a hidden truth that will shock mutantkind.

Before The Fall: Fall of X One-Shot cover of Mutant First Strike

Finally, in X-MEN: BEFORE THE FALL – SINISTER FOUR #1. All four Sinisters have tasted universal control after being unmasked in the aftermath of SINS OF SINISTER, but their true plans for mutantkind are just getting started.

Before The Fall: Fall of X One-Shot cover of The Sinister Four

Are you looking forward to the Fall of X? Let us know which one-shots you'll be picking up.