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Marvel vs Capcom 3 Cinematic Trailer & C.Viper/Storm Gameplay Footage

Seems like all the villains want to jack Wesker’s vial. T-Virus perhaps? Looks like they are going for a more laid out story which adds a bit more depth to the series. I still don’t know what the plot for Marvel vs Capcom 2 was exactly.

Trailer Credit: Joystiq & Gamespot.

Of course new characters have been unveiled and I have been slacking a bit in providing footage. Here is gameplay footage for C.Viper and also for Storm.

Storm in action-Credit:Joystiq
C. Viper in action-Credit: Joystiq
Black Spider-Man looks awesome-Credit: Joystiq
X-Force Wolverine costume is seen here-Credit: Joystiq
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