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Meet Our New Sponsor: CreAction Interactive






Meet My Take Radio’s Newest Sponsor: CreAction Interactive

(Queens, New York)  August 1, 2012 – My Take Radio is proud to welcome CreAction Interactive as our newest sponsor for My Take Radio’s gaming segment. CreAction Interactive’s Michael Sanchez approached My Take Radio to promote the upcoming RPG Auravym which is currently being crowd sourced on Kickstarter. Mr. Sanchez felt that My Take Radio had the footprint and the demographic to help spread information about Auravym to a dedicated audience.  “ We are happy to have a sponsor for our gaming segment that can deliver something our fans can get behind and be a involved in” stated MTR host and founder Richard Butler. My Take Radio will be delivering a diverse advertising campaign that will encompass not only audio but also web and social media to amplify CreAction’s message.


About CreAction Interactive:

CreAction Interactive is built on the principals of taking creative action. CreAction Interactive is an indie game company that is beginning their first project. The project is a tactical RPG platform with a unique battle system, amazing art and design, and a story that requires choices from the player to shape the outcome of the story.  This project is known as Auravym. To learn more about CreAction and Auravym you can visit the following:

Auravym on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Auravym/436163876406325

CreAction Interactive on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CreActionInteractive

Auravym on Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/creaction/auravym-a-new-rpg-saga

CreAction Interactive Official Website: https://www.creactioninteractive.com/


About My Take Radio:

Founded in 2006 by Richard Butler, My Take Radio took an extended hiatus and returned in 2009 with a live call-in format with continued coverage of mixed martial arts, wrestling , video games and movies that audiences have come to embrace. Since launching the live call-in format, My Take Radio is now heard globally each week. We have had the privilege of speaking in-depth with stars across the board (gaming, films, MMA, wrestling and TV), with each sharing their thoughts and experiences with Rich and the MTR audience. My Take Radio has proudly embraced social media and has its presence established on sites such Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and GetGlue. My Take Radio can be heard live every Thursday on the Blog Talk Radio Network and also via Zune Marketplace, Stitcher, Tune In Radio and iTunes. Listeners also have the option of getting My Take Radio content via apps available on the Android and iTunes marketplaces. For more information on My Take Radio visit www.MyTakeRadio.com.


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CreAction Interactive