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Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 6 Debuts Next Week!

Minecraft: Story Mode was originally supposed to be finished with the fifth episode. Telltale decided to go another route since the first storyline saw its conclusion by the end of episode four. While a one and done story could have wrapped up the game, Telltale decided to create a second, four episode long storyline. If you need a quick refresher on where the story is at, you can watch our playthrough of Episode Five – “Order Up” by clicking the link. The new Order of the Stone have had their first official adventure and it looks like just getting home will be their second. Lost in another world, the upcoming episode will embrace the true nature of the original Minecraft. This is a world where imagination dictates what can happen and to celebrate that, there will be a few special guests arriving. Watch the trailer for episode six which interviews the guest cast and look forward to the release of the new episode next week!

Jesse vs. The White Pumpkin!

Episode Six of Minecraft: Story Mode, “A Portal Into Mystery,” launches for consoles, portable devices and PC on Tuesday, June 7, 2016.

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