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Monster Hunter Rise Comes To PC In 2022

Monster Rise continues to make headlines well after its release. The critically acclaimed Capcom title recently debuted on the Nintendo Switch and arrived with plenty of post-launch support with positive praise. PC gamers will get their chance to visit Kamura Village when Monster Hunter Rise makes its PC debut on January 12, 2022. While the game's PC debut is still a few months off you'll be happy to hear that Capcom will be releasing a demo on Steam beginning October 13.

Following the release of Monster Hunter Rise on PC, players of both PC and console can look forward to the newly revealed Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, the monstrous expansion which will be available for purchase to all players in summer 2022. Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak includes a new storyline and new base of operations, as well as new locales, monsters, gameplay features, quest rank (Master), and more. Hunters must own the base game and complete the 7-star Hub Quest called “Serpent Goddess of Thunder” in Monster Hunter Rise before beginning Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. All progress from the base game will transfer over to the expansion when played on the same system.

The Monster Hunter doesn't just end at expansions and new platforms as current players can enjoy the addition of Arthur from Ghosts ‘n Goblins: Resurrection™. After completing a challenging Event Quest, players can don Arthur’s iconic armor and the hunter’s throwing knives transform into lances, the classic weapon from the legendary series. Music from the recently-released Ghosts n’ Goblins: Resurrection will provide a backdrop to the heroic hunting action, and when a quest is completed as Arthur, a special cutscene will be bestowed upon its victors. This special collaboration quest will be available for Switch players beginning on October 28.

It was also first revealed today that Monster Hunter is teaming up with SEGA to celebrate Sonic’s 30th anniversary in Monster Hunter Rise. More details on this exciting new collaboration will be shared soon, prior to the Event Quest’s release in November so keep an eye on this space for more info in the coming weeks.

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