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Mosaic - Key art

Mosaic is Coming to Consoles

Mosaic is a dark and atmospheric adventure game. KrillbiteStudio, creators of Among the Sleep, are going from the horrors of childhood to the dreadful lonely adult life. Prepare to make your own “Office Space” when Mosaic comes to consoles on January 23, 2020.

Mosaic - commute
What is Mosaic About?

In Mosaic, you live a lonely, monotonous life in a cold city. Your day to day has no real sense of meaning. One crucial day, strange things start to happen on your commute to work and everything changes. BlipBlop just got a lot more exciting! Mosaic is currently available on PC via Steam. Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One players can break the monotony on January 23rd.

Mosaic - Traffic