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MTR at NY Comic Con 2011 [Day One]


Our 1st Day at Comic Con aka Press Day was our most productive day and full of all sorts of awesome. Besides having free reign of the show floor to meet countless brand reps we got to see some amazing booths untouched by the general public.  One of the coolest booths with ample wide open space was the booth for Uncharted 3 which we all got a chance to test out.

Besides being able to play the game we got see Uncharted on a mobile Sprint mobile devices and they out did themselves for sure. Besides getting our time at the booths one of my favorite pastimes at Comic Con are seeing all the awesome toys and collectibles being put out not only by large companies but also by smaller brands. Here is a sampling of some of the great stuff we got see.




Our friends at Best Comics had their trademark awesome booth in full effect. Tom and his crew always bring some of their best pieces not only for display but also for sale.




As a gamer I really enjoy seeing replicas of weaponry and most times the vendors do a serviceable job but the team at Project Triforce have taken video game collectibles to another level. Nothing screams hardcore fan like a life size Gears of War Lancer.


We took a ton of photos on the first day and while I ‘d love to post our 200 photos here I recommend you visit our Facebook fan page or our Google Plus page to see more great photos from me and from Josh as well .