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MTR Heat Index – TV Summer Edition!

Ahhh…summer has arrived folks! Time for sun and sand…or is it AC and TV? Here is MTR's Heat Index for all the great TV on DVD that will pack the store shelves in July and August. Make note of my Must-Buys too (if you trust my opinion, and I know you do).

July 2012


Man Vs. Wild (Season 6) – If you don't feel like camping, you can always watch Bear Grylls be insane in the outdoors.






Rocko's Modern Life (Season 3) – I loved this Nickelodeon series…and I love Australian accents. Win-Win.


Dark Shadows (The Complete Series) – Saw the Johnny Depp movie and not the TV Show? Here's your chance.

The Big Bang Theory (Seasons 1 & 2) Blu Ray Editions – I can't get behind this show, and I have tried. But many, mant people do, so I lose. If you were waitign for the Blu Ray, here you go.

Warehouse 13 (Season 3)










Alphas (Season 1) Must-Buy

Leverage (Season 4)

Sanctuary (Season 4)


Young Justice – Dangerous Secrets – I know we have a lot of Young Justice fans, so here you go.


Hatfields and McCoys (Mini-Series) – This series has been getting a lot of buzz, so if you haven't watched, here it is. Not my thing, but hey. I am sure it will win some awards.

Marvel Anime – Blade (The Complete Series)

Marvel Anime – Wolverine (The Complete Series)

Transformers Prime – One Shall Stand

 August 2012










Grimm (Season 1) – I haven't gotten to watch this show, but have it on good word that it is great. Must-Buy

Parenthood (Season 3)

Strike Back (Season 1) – This is Cinemax' BEST series in my opinion. It took me a while to get into it honestly, but I am glad I did. Excellent TV. Must-Buy 


Glee (Season 3) – You all know my feelings on Glee. That's it.

Happy Endings (Season 2) – I have watched this comedy a few times, and it is moderately funny according to my taste.










Revenge (Season 1) – Of all the shows on this summer list, Revenge is my #1 MUST MUST-BUY! This show is amazing. Twists, turns and a fantastic story overall.








Boardwalk Empire (Season 2) – Who doesnt' love this show? Must-Buy

Green Lantern: The Animated Series (Season 1 / Part 1)

Homeland (Season 1)

Once Upon A Time (Season 1)

Sons of Anarchy (Season 4)  Must-Buy

Transformers: Victory ( The Complete Series)

The Walking Dead (Season 2) – Eff you Carl! I love zombies! Must-Buy


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