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10 Other Guys Who Could Have Played Batman Instead of Ben Affleck

The internet and various social media outlets have pretty much collapsed on themselves ever since Ben Affleck was cast as Batman in the sequel to The Man of Steel. Before I share my picks I wanted to say that I have no issue with Ben Affleck  since his acting and directing are top-notch it's just he wouldn't have been my first choice.  I am going to throw a few different actors out there and some will be on the older side but that is because they allegedly wanted Batman to be older than Superman in the upcoming film. Please note the actors are not listed in order of importance.

10. Josh Brolin: If you want a worn and grizzled Dark Knight he is definitely a solid choice.

9. Liev Schreiber: Schreiber was a choice after watching Ray Donovan on Showtime. He's got great screen presence and a good voice for Batman.

8. Matthew Goode: Matthew Goode's name floated around the rumor mill for quite some time and his work as Ozymandias in Watchmen and past relationship with Snyder gave me the feeling he was a shoe in. Goode definitely can pull off the suave millionaire playboy as Bruce Wayne with little difficulty but his youthful appearance would have been a hindrance alongside Henry Cavill. I also feel he is relatively unknown outside of Watchmen which may not be a bad thing.

7. Jon Hamm: Hamm had all the tools to not only pull off a great jaded Bruce Wayne but his age made him the ideal candidate for the “older” Batman.

6. Karl Urban: Killed it as Dredd has a versatile resume where he balance grit with just the right amount of sarcasm to make Batman work.

5. Jeffrey Dean Morgan: Another Watchmen veteran who grew on me after his work in Losers. The grizzled Batman look works!

4. Michael Fassbender: Sure he is tied up playing Magneto but his charm and screen presence would have worked for Batman. I also feel he has the right amount of better than you attitude to give Batman the edge on-screen alongside Superman.

3. Jensen Ackles: Jensen Ackles did an amazing job as the Red Hood and even at 35 he is still older than Cavill and actually looks it onscreen.

2. Wes Bentley: Definitely a dark horse when it comes down to it and at 34 and with a youthful face it would be a tough sell. Sold me with the epic beard in the Hunger Games.

1. Christian Bale: We all know he won't do it and the over the top gruff voice is at times cringe worthy but Bale was a pretty badass Batman I must admit.


What do you guys think? Share your choices in the comments.


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