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MTR Rewind-My Take Radio Episode 85- Future Endeavors

The crew  ( Corey Santiago, Don Mega and Fat Man After Dark) from Future Endeavors stopped by for our 85th episode to discuss the RAW broadcast leading up to Mania and also their match picks for the PPV itself.  Reprsenting MTR on the panel was Myst who’s articles you have been seeing on the site and of course yours truly. From racial stereotypes in wrestling to Shawn Michaels lazy eye being named we ran the gamut of terrible things to say about certain aspects of pro wrestling. You will notice that the audio for this episode fluctuated a lot from really good to garbled madness. After spending 3 days editing the audio I realized that I can’t cut too many things out since it would be a detriment to some of the great sound bites that were heard in the broadcast. While BTR does allow us to broadcast live we are at the mercy of subpar audio quality even though we pay them. Check out this past weeks episode below. Enjoy!


You can listen to Future Endeavors every Sunday on Blog Talk Radio.  Future Endeavors host Fat Man After Dark  has his own show as well that you can listen to Wednesdays on Blog Talk Radio as well and its aptly titled Fatman After Dark.

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