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MTR Rewind: My Take Radio Episode 86- Bloodstain Lane

On last weeks episode of MTR I had the opportunity to talk to a very controversial figure in the MMA community who uses YouTube as the means to deliver his message. The man I speak of is one and only Bloodstain Lane. Bloodstain was originally scheduled to stop by a few weeks back but scheduling issues kept us from linking up. In speaking to Bloodstain Lane I looked past the negative comments from the MMA community and instead focused on his passion for the sport and his dedication to educating his viewers on the existence of other MMA organizations as well as other combat sports ie: Kickboxing,Boxing. Lane exhibits genuine love for the sport and does all these videos for free. Bloodstain’s views are brutally honest views on the sport of MMA and with a larger than life persona and crisp camera work from Fahrenheit aka” The Spike Lee of YouTube” I am expecting big things from Bloodstain in the future.  Check out Bloodstain Lane’s videos on YouTube and also feel free to discuss MMA with him on Twitter – @BloodstainLane . “Listen to the episode below bozos!!”- Which is the exact way Bloodstain would request it be done- Rich

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