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MTR visits Gdgt Live

MTR attended last nights gdgt Live event at the Altman Building here in NYC and we have a ton of stuff to share with you guys on the site and on air this week. Given the amount of stuff we got to look at I will need to start doing individual posts spotlighting the products we got to see.Be on the lookout for those articles in the coming days. MTR would like to thank the staff at gdgt for putting on such a cool event and allowing us access to some really great and innovative technology. I need to thank Peter Rojas from gdgt separately just for taking the time to hear about MTR and what we offer. We hope to have Peter on in the future so you guys can learn more about gdgt and check the site out for yourselves. Also wanted to thank Barry Meyers for allowing us the opportunity to cover the event and helping get our press registration handled. You can see all the photos we took on our Facebook fan page right now. Lastly and most importantly I need to thank the vendors and press reps for giving us access to their hardware and for also taking the time to answer a ton of questions.

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