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MTR Week In Review 11/6-11/12



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There are a ton of ways to listen to the show. Some of you have asked for a breakdown of that so here it is. If you are on and Android or iOS device you can use the official MTR app which you pick up by clicking the pictures below. Our app is $1.99 and it gives you access to exclusive content.


Here are some of the exclusives available on the MTR app

· MTR Beyond The Mic

· MTR Behind The Mic

· Minority Film Report

You can also stream episodes via the Stitcher app


Stitcher is giving a luck MTR fan a $100 gift card for downloading the app. Simply click the banner and enter promo code MyTake for your chance to win.



Other News

  • You can show your support for MTR by picking up an MTR T-Shirt or by buying your games,movies and gear from our Amazon shop. Just follow the navigation on site.
  • MTR is now on Google+
  • MTR Week in Review (mytakeradio.com)