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Mid-Weekend Movie News: ‘Salt’ & ‘Inception’ Are Going At It

Looks like Christopher Nolan has pulled another winner out of his hat as Inception is doing very well. With almost $130 million made worldwide and $13.2 million made Friday alone, Inception refused to let newcomer Salt see the top spot on its opening day. Despicable Me took third making $7.3 million on Friday, Ramona And Beezus made $3 million and The Sorceror's Apprentice pulled $2.95 million. One thing that Salt has going for it is the fact that it is only halfa million behind Inception, but Salt is standard priced tickets all the way. There are no IMAX seats being filled the way there are for Inception. All things considered, if this trend continues, Salt could see the number one spot when the weekend is done.