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My Take On: G4

According to Wikipedia G4 is the following: 

G4, also known as G4 TV, is an American cable and satellite-television channel originally geared primarily toward viewers aged 12–34, based on the world of video games. More recently, the channel has diverted its focus to general-interest programming that mainly targets viewers aged 18–34, although one video game show is still offered on the channel. 

Based on the definition above, you would think that the mainstream programming they offer would at least have a semblance of video game relevance. Sadly, in order to capture the 12-34 viewing cluster they have resorted to having the “hot chick” and the “good looking guy” give snarky commentary and perform skits to relate to the gaming audience. I have no issue with this strategy – EXCEPT that they have no real video game knowledge and are just really good at reading a teleprompter, or shall I say trying to read it (Olivia Munn, I am looking at you). I would rather have people that can be both eye candy and are intelligent. Get us a knowledgeable staff that actually adds dimension to the show. 

In order for G4 to make a better connection with the “geek” culture, they need to do a severe overhaul to their programming. Besides using TRUE gamers to host your gaming offerings, G4 should start working on more original programming to bring a steady stream of viewers. Years ago, Spike TV (one of my favorite networks) was much like G4 – lost in the ocean of mediocrity amongst all the cable networks.  Over time, they slowly shifted focus and improved by taking risks to become a legit network that provides kick ass programming. Adding powerhouses like the UFC and TNA Wrestling as well as other cool programming made Spike TV a lot better.

G4’s program block sure is a sight to behold. Besides Attack of the Show (AOTS) and some of the other geek-centric fare,  here are some of their programming gems: 

Award winning programs folks


In looking at these 12-hour blocks, you see that it is mostly repeats of the previous day and 1.5 hour blocks of Cops or Cheaters. Who watches this stuff?  Where is the original programming and the new shows that make me want to put this channel on? Oh yeah- there are none! If they spent more money on production and less on Barbie-gamers-that-aren’t-real-gamers or commercials for the Shake Weight, you would attract better advertisers to your network. 

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate Olivia Munn, Blair Butler, Kevin Pereira or Chris Gore. I know they are getting a paycheck and working towards bigger things,  but don’t take your audience for fools. 

The "beautiful people" that cover our interests.
If you have to sell me on the host being a gamer we have a problem!

G4's coverage of this past week's Comic-Con, while a service to the “geek” culture was also chock full of jokes at the attendees' expense. While this was humorous, it was also fucked up, since these are the guys and girls that hang on to your every word and make you household names.  In short, G4 is the equivalent of GameStop with their big-box presentation of gaming news. Real gamers loathe both since they feel both are full of shit – which is unfortunate. I challenge G4 to improve and become a true voice for the gaming, geek and tech communities.  Odds are, they won’t give a fuck about my opinions but it is time someone called them out on their bullshit. 

What do you think of G4 and it’s program offerings and how would you improve it? 

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July 28, 2010 8:25 pm

MTR will take over G4 in 2011. AOTS will be replaced with WOBR- Wrath of Black Rage! X-Play will remain but it will be the way it originally was. The show that used to show vg cutscenes will return, Cops & Cheaters will be obliterated from programming. All the Japanese crazy stuff will be late night and we will fill the blocks with watchable content. The movie “Gamer” will never air on G4

July 28, 2010 11:12 am

Hey, does anyone know when Predator 2 will air again? Just kidding. The channel is a complete joke. They have no good programming. They are the only video gaming network and should be the destination for news about the industry, interviewing talent and having crazy promotions, but they seem satisfied with dick jokes because 12 year old boys like dick jokes. They should try taking the gaming industry seriously, at least for 30 minutes a day. I’m not expecting hardcore journalism but how about doing a documentary on the creation of the next modern warefare game, or doing a long… Read more »

July 28, 2010 5:48 am

I have not watched X-Play in ages and turned it on last night. Being familiar with how they present the show 4 nights a week I was shocked to see the episode was a repeat. On a Tuesday night? It was always new shows M-Th and a repeat or a recap on Friday. G4 doesn’t even care about the one show that makes them relevant anymore – cause guess what? That show is not AOTS.

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