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MTR Rewind: My Take Radio-Episode 39-: Austin Creed & Larry Oji from OCRemix.org

I was joined this week by former TNA superstar Austin Creed aka Consequences Creed as well as OCRemix judge Larry Oji. We discussed Austin’s wrestling career and also picked his brain on wrestling in general. Austin being a fan of OCRemix.org had a lot of questions for Larry as well. Larry being a wrestling fan brought his knowledge out on this episode and asked some really great questions. It made my job easier hahaha. Nonetheless Austin being a gamer like myself had many fun and memorable stories to share relating to gaming and of course wrestling.Between being a gamer, pro wrestler and college grad I appreciated Austin’s humbleness and respect for the wrestling business. He is a knowledgeable and well spoken athlete and a great ambassador to pro wrestling. MTR wishes him luck on his upcoming trip to Japan

This month is OCRemix support month and as such I ask fellow readers and listeners to stop in to OCRemix.org and donate whatever you can. OCRemix provides great remixes and albums for absolutely free. Any help you provide will be appreciated.

Austin is wrestling across the country and can be seen at the following venues.


In addition Austin has the opportunity to appear in a movie based on the comic book Bad Kids Go To Hell. You can vote for him to have a part in the film by going to the bad kids go to hell site. You know our guest loves gaming when they dress up like this:

You can follow Austin on twitter @AustinCreed and also check his site as well. Larry Oji is also on twitter @LarryOji and of course his site is OCRemix.org

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