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My Take Radio is now on Stitcher

Siticher MTR

Since 2006 MTR has strived to reach different milestones. From 100 episodes to well over 1,000 fans on Facebook we set limits only to surpass them. Last week I was informed that MTR was joining the Stitcher radio network. Now I am sure you guys are curious as to what this means.Stitcher is SmartRadio. On-demand News, Talk & More for your mobile phone.Stitcher brings radio & podcast listeners a better way to listen to their favorite shows and helps them discover new content by delivering personalized audio streams, on-demand, right on your smart phone.

  • Stitcher is also available in some car dashboard systems (GM & Ford)
  • Stitcher is available on SONOS systems
  • Over 5000 shows on Stitcher
  • Find new shows with the recommendation feature

By being on the Stitcher network we join a network of some of the best talents in the game. Guys like Joe Rogan,Kevin Smith, Adam Carolla have their shows on Stitcher and we get the honor of being on the same platform with other great original shows like Gamertag Radio and CAGcast as well.  How do you get MTR on Stitcher? Listen to us on your iPhone, Android Phone,  BlackBerry and WebOS phones or via Stitcher.com.  Getting MTR has become a lot easier.

With availability on iTunes,Android and Amazon Marketplace for our app and now Stitcher as well you will never miss an MTR episode. MTR thanks you all for your support as we take things to the next level. I hope you all come along for the ride




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