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As MTR continues to grow and evolve we try our hardest to get different things out there to you guys. One of the biggest hurdles has been the transition to video for the show. Luckily we have a pretty awesome capture card from Elgato that allows us to share some great videos but also let’s us stream gameplay for you guys. You can find MTR on Twitch.TV by looking for mytakeradio_tv and you’ll get to see some of our retro game streams. This week we have been playing with some old Dreamcast fighting games but expect newer stuff as well. If don’t feel like sitting there watching us play you can always check out the videos on our YouTube channel. We will be adding a the Twitch player to the site in the next few days. Here the latest stream we did with Capcom vs SNK 2 which sadly has no commentary yet. Expect this video on our YT channel with commentary.

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  • Blast From The Past: Capcom Fighting Evolution