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My Take Radio’s 31 Days of Horror: Halloween & Halloween 2

halloween-originalHalloween 2 v1

It wouldn’t be a horror film feature without the classics being showcased. Halloween and its sequel were and still remain one of the best slasher films to date. While Rob Zombie’s interpretation delivered a more vicious  Michael Myers it was John Carpenter’s vision that made Michael Myers the cult icon he is today. To think that a William Shatner mask would be so iconic.

One of things lost in modern slasher films is that unforgetable song that corresponds to the killer. Jason,Freddy and of course Michael had their signature “jingles” that resonate with horror fans to this day. While blood and guts are a staple it is the music that helps set the tone. Halloween and Halloween II are perfect examples of fear magnified by the use of music to accompany the visuals. I hope you guys have enjoyed our feature. Maybe we’ll talk Christmas flicks come December.

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