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Netflix Queue Review: Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

The adventures of Holmes and Watson continue as they match  wits with Sherlock Holmes most dangerous adversary Professor Moriarty.


  • The amazing chemistry between Holmes and Watson continues to be a high point of the series.
  • Jared Harris delivered as Moriarty and brought some classic villainy to an iconic villain.
  • Stephen Fry was awesome an Sherlock’s brother Mycroft.
  • Less bantering between Holmes and Watson’s wife which at times was overkill in the first film.


  • Irene Adler! No spoilers here though so you’ll have to see it or read Wikipedia. Her chemistry with Holmes was a tremendous high point in the first film.
  • Noomi Rapace served no purpose and while her character was essential to the plot I felt any actress could have filled that role and probably done better.
  • The over abundance of slow-mo detracted from the film as they used more than they should have.


  • The ending only because it threw me a curveball I did not see coming.