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New Jump Force Trailer Features Bleach Characters

Bandai Namco previously announced that characters from Bleach would be joining the Jump Force roster. Today we get our first look at the announced trio in action. In case you are unfamiliar with the Bleach anime and manga, here are the three characters joining the Jump Force lineup:

Jump Force - Ichigo

Ichigo Kurosaki – The main protagonist of Bleach, Ichigo has been given the powers of a Soul Reaper. With these powers Ichigo must defend humans from evil spirits and guide those who have passed away to the afterlife.

Jump Force - Rukia vs Zoro

Rukia Kuchiki – Another Soul Reaper, she gifts Ichigo his powers after learning that he can see supernatural beings.

Jump Force - Aizen

Sōsuke Aizen – The main antagonist of the Bleach series, Aizen is a captain of the Fifth Division until he betrays the Soul Society.

Jump Force is slated for release in 2019 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Stay Tuned to R.A.G.E. Works for more character announcements and news.