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New Moves Come To WWE 2K19 Today

WWE 2K19 expands it move repertoire today with more than 50 new in-game moves & taunts from the Superstars of WWE, NXT and 205 Live. The moves will be available for all WWE Superstars and MyPlayer creations. Here are some of the moves you can expect in the update.

  • Atomic Drop into Double Leg Combo (made popular by WWE Superstar Jeff Hardy)
  • Exploder vs. Opponent on the Apron (made popular by NXT Superstar Tyler Bate)
  • Slingshot X-Factor (made popular by 205 Live Superstar Mustafa Ali)
  • Assisted Twist of Fate, Avalanche Splash & Side Effect Combo and the Senton & Leg Drop Combo (made popular by WWE Superstars Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt).

Fans who opted to not purchase the season pass can pick up this new moves pack right now for $3.99. If you're looking for some new superstar additions you can expect them to arrive in early 2019 via the Rising Stars Pack which will include new WWE, NXT and 205 Live Superstars.